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Co-ordinated Wash Counters

Dazzle Glass Collections

With its varied hues, modern styling, the Dazzle range of toughened glass wash counters is obviously meant to dazzle your otherwise monotonous wash space. From cerulean blue to tranquil greens, from turquoise surface to pastels, the colours available are truly enchanting. Complete with co-ordinated mirrors and utility shelves, the range is an asset to every comfort zone.Co-ordinate these with your colour schemes and watch your spaces come alive.


Eterna Metalrich Collections

The Eterna collection of co-ordinated vanity wash counters made of Grade: AISI – 304 stainless steel offers natural luster and guards against corrosive elements and provides high durability even in high moist conditions. The Eterna collection comprises an impressive range of stylish door finishes and cabinet colours that combine high quality with rich look. Eterna meets the demands of modern bathroom furniture, a disintinctive visual look ideal for the bathroom, ensuite or dining room. Be inspired by this classic finish


Europa Arti-wood Collections

The Europa collection of ‘Arti-Wood’ wash counters showcases latest European Shades and shapes that are in vogue internationally. Crafted out in an ingenious way from a light weight, non-corrosive, water-proof, fire proof and termite proof material, the range offers sleek designs in different shades. The mesmerizing range can be used to highlight strong points of your restroom or to give it a complete makeover. Select from vivid designs and add that pomp and panache to your house.


Magnum Opus Wooden Collections

The Magnum Opus collection, made of treated / processed natural wood offers refinement and elegance of the past while keeping in mind the contemporary tastes and trends. Available in Victorian as well as contemporary style, the range comes in various finishes and with water proof coating in a magnificent blend of wood with ceramic and glass. True to its name, the Magnum Opus will be a fine piece of art and the best bet for your comfort zone.


Build Quality

Kriztle Co-ordinated wash counters are made for living and to be experienced. Products, that are made to be used day after day in the bathroom. That is a sufficient reason for us to make quality a key topic. But for us, quality means more than just physical endurance. Kriztle also stands bathroom style that is not bound by the spirit of the page.


The Co-ordinated wash counters combine a variety of materials like ceramic, wood, glass, steel etc. The quality and durability of each material and component is important in the finish, performance and durability of the total unit.


Ceramic basins


The ceramic basins offered with co-ordinated sets are of high quality with brilliant whiteness, fine glaze, and smooth surface without cracks, distortions or bumps.


Safety glass


The Dazzle range of glass wash counters use 19mm toughened safety glass. The surface compressive strength of the tempered glass used in the Dazzle range is above 70 MPa, so that in the unlikely event of breakage, glass will break into small pieces only.


Treated Rubber wood


Cabinets in the magnum opus range is made of treated rubber wood which has dimensional stability, hardness, tensile and flexural strength and resistance to water absorption.


The Arti-Wood


Cabinets in the Europa range is made of versatile ‘arti-wood’ board which has consistent gravity. This material has high rigidity and resistant to Fungi and insects such as termites. It is also a non-conductor of electricity and has high thermal insulation properties. With the required density, Arti wood give all the benefits of natural wood without it’s de-merits. All these features make it highly desirable for high moist bathrooms.


Stainless Steel


The Eterna range cabinets are crafted in Grade AISI 304 Stainless Steel sheets that resist corrosion and rusting and retain the gloss for long time.

Finish: The impeccable surface finish of the cabinets with most modern technologies Add to the durability, while enhancing the visual appeal.


Hinges & Sliders


The doors and drawers are fitted with soft closing SS hinges and sliders for ease of opening and closing. Also the SS hinges resist corrosion and rusting unlike in ordinary iron hinges.


Handles and Knobs


Designer handles and knobs reflect contemporary tastes and requirements. These simple, streamlined or decorative handles add to the finishing touch of the co-ordinated wash counters.


Support Stands


For all those cabinet models, which require support, stands made of Grade AISI 304 stainless steel are provided. This ensures durability and installation stability at all times.


The drainage system


The pop up waste couplers and bottle traps are made of solid brass and perfectly match each other. Different types of waste couplers are offered for ceramic and glass basins. Also special extra long Bottle Trap 13’ x 9” is provided, which is above normal pipe lengths. This gives extra flexibility for varied installation requirements.




Mirrors form important part of the co-ordinated unit; hence the mirror quality is critical in the appearance of a co-ordinated wash counter unit. The mirrors have brilliant silver coating with lead free painting. This prevents the development of black spots in the mirror. The edges are polished and applied with edge sealant to prevent blackening. These mirrors give distortion free reflectance for a long time.


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