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Kriztle is guiding the discerning customers in tune with the evolving contemporary living culture. In this endeavour, the parameters that lead Kriztle are continuous updating of innovative products and unshakable commitment to quality. The management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified and puts emphasis on corporate responsibility. Kriztle, the world class range of modern bath and wellness wares is born out of Providence’s perception about evolving global trends and its successful adaptation to the domestic markets. Manufactured on OEM basis, in strategic alliance with most modern ISO 14001, CE certified manufacturing platforms, Kriztle products exemplify in their design and quality.



In tune with the evolving new trends, we update our product portfolio regularly. We don’t let our customers lag behind the fashion trends that are in vogue in the luxury bathroom furniture, fittings and wellness-ware industry. Our many years of experience in observing the  global trends in the industry   and our expertise  help us to adapt the changes in a domestic perspective. Years of expertise are not the only strong point for a company of high repute. With over a decade’s presence in the most sophisticated life - style industry in India, and having faced tough competition from some of the titans in this field, Kriztle has come out with flying colours when it comes to achieving the prestigious vouch from our satisfied customers.



The solid proof of our success lies with our valued customers who are contented in their association with Kriztle. With hands on experience, Kriztle is today is one among the key players in our segment. We proudly declare that such a loyal customer base was not cultivated through advertisements or publicities; but by providing innovative products without ever compromising on quality. Our internationally acclaimed standards have always helped us to make a bond with our valuable customers. The Kriztle network currently extends to all major capital cities in India. Each major point of our presence is capable of sustaining the full load of our customer base in that region. 


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