Kriztle Care

Our free consultation service will help you turn your ideas into your dream bathroom. The beginning of a new bathroom project can be daunting. Do not worry. We offer bespoke, face to face service, which means that we can help you every step of the way, from inspiration to installation and more. Our dedicated consultants will be happy to discuss your needs and the solutions for the bathroom to fit your budget.


Kriztle will takes care the installations of all products you purchase from us for your dream bathroom. Our team of expert Technicians knows each Kriztle products like the parts of their body. We aim to make your project as hassle free as possible, minimizing all the complications within a short span of time. Your local Kriztle dealer is always on your service if you have any queries, whilst our Support Centre monitors quality across each individual project.


We ensure you to have a complete peace of mind before, during, and long after you’ve selected Kriztle products. Our products are fully guaranteed to ensure best quality and optimum results. Each member in Kriztle Team is trained to offer you the best service possible and we follow up on every project to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. In a rarest of rare chance, something isn't quite right we will resolve the matter as soon as possible after getting the information. 


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