Product Warranty

Kriztle Care

Kriztle products which is designed and manufactured to conform the most rigid standards of quality, reliability and safety.

2 Year Product warranty

Your Kriztle product is fully warranted against any type of manufacturing defects for a period of 2year*. In the event of the failure of the unit due to manufacturing defects, we undertake to repair or replace the unit free of charge at our discretion. The warranty does not cover damage to any part of the Kriztle product due to accident, misuse, willful damage, normal wear and tear, claim arising from theft, fire or natural calamities of any type.

3Year Extended Service warranty

After the completion of warranty period, you will be entitled to an extended 3 year service warranty where the labour charge will be free of cost. However, consumables and spare parts shall be chargeable.

The warranty period is not renewed or extended on supply of spare parts during the warranty. The company will at sole discretion, repair or replace any defective component or part of product with or without cost.

The company or its service franchisee alone is authorized to service/repair the product.

Glass, Hoses rubber parts plastic parts and consumables are not included in warranty Incase of defects on such products arising prior to installation, the company will decide on repair/replacement after inspection at company’s  discretion

The warranty is only effective if proof of purchase is provided.

The warranty will cover only manufacturing defects of the product and will not cover any defects arising out of the control of the company like insufficient water pressure, high water impurities/hardness. breakage of parts due to excessive force etc

Both the above warranties does not cover damage resulting from

  1. Usage not in accordance with the instructional manual
  2. Any alternation or modification to the unit
  3. Repair/Installation by unauthorized persons
  4. Damages or loss of efficiency due to poor quality of inlet water or poor handling


For proper usage of Kriztle product and to derive best results, refer to instruction manual.

Warranty will be void, if purchase is not registered within 30days
This warranty is not assignable or transferable
All disputes are subject to courts of Cochin jurisdiction


*For commercial use warranty is limited to one year only

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