KRIZTLE Launches Far Infrared Sauna Collections

Oct 20, 2017

Kriztle has launched its latest FAR INFRARED Sauna collections.  Kriztle Infrared saunas are inspired by the multiple health benefits of Far-InfraRed rays.   The New range is available in Far Infrared Shower cubicle with dual sauna, Far Infrared Dry sauna & Far Infrared shower panel.   

Far Infrared Shower Cubicle with Dual Sauna -FIR SC 3000

FIR SC 3000

Far Infrared Dry Sauna- FIR SR 2000

FIR SR 2000

Far Infrared Dry Sauna- FIR SR 1000

FIR SR 1000

Far Infrared Shower Panel -FIR SL 1000

FIR SL 1000